Jump Rope For Heart

Grizzly Families,

We are very excited to team up once again with the American Heart Association to bring Jump Rope For Heart to our school. LCES has a Kick-Off Event scheduled for Monday, February 5. The fundraising initiative will run through Friday, March 2. During this time, students will team up with the Monster Scare Squad to learn about their hearts and healthy decision making all while having fun, being physically active and helping others! Join our team and be a HEART HERO!

Sign up by downloading the Jump/Hoops App on your mobile device OR register online at www.heart.org/jump


Grizzly Grind Race 2017

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, Our LCES PTA and Running Club co-hosted the 2nd Annual Grizzly Grind Race. Approximately 150 students from Lewis and Clark, Madison and Bowling Green Elementary Schools united together to run. It was awesome to see kids from all over the county making healthy choices and having fun! Congratulations to our winners!

6 & Under Girls: 1- Cara Lepp   2- Daniella Lombardi  3-Aubree Compton

6 & Under Boys: 1- Rowen Harrison 2- Matthew Hicks  3- Asher Harrison

7-8 Girls: 1- Abby Horne  2- Raegan Forehand  3- Gracie Greer

7-8 Boys: 1- Landyn Foltz  2- Sawyer Harrison  3- Regan Ross

9 & Up Girls: 1- Kaitlyn Klock  2- Carlie Clark  3- Nya Howard

9 & 10 Boys: 1- Michael Burness  2- Jayden Miller  3- Ryley Waldron

11-12 Boys: 1- Danny Carter  2- Andrew Hardy

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another awesome year in Physical Education! I am so excited to see our Grizzly movers and shakers working towards a healthy mind and body. Please remember to wear tennis shoes each time your child has PE for Encore. Students have PE on back to back days. If you would like to donate items, we could use the following:

  • Pencils
  • Beaded Necklaces (Treasured “bling” for fitness activities)
  • New Plungers (Yes, NEW plungers only. Used for pulling scooters to develop upper body strength.)
  • Tarps
  • KidzBop Music

Family Life Education

Image result for family life education logo

Family Life Education will be starting here at LCES on Thursday, March 23 and will last until Thursday, March 30. All students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will be automatically enrolled in the program. If you wish to opt your student out of FLE, please use the documents attached to do so. The standards that will be covered in FLE for each grade level are also located on these forms.

3rd Grade FLE Opt Out 2017

4th Grade FLE Opt Out 2017

5th Grade FLE Opt Out 2017

Jump Rope for Heart


Now that January is winding down, we can get jumping with our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser and event! Jump Rope for Heart is a school and nationwide initiative that helps to support and raise funds for the American Heart Association. It teaches our kids how to care for our bodies and hearts, disease prevention and awareness as well as how to serve others who have a special heart or need.

JOIN OUR TEAM! Not only can funds be raised through checks and cash, but you can also sign up online and do it electronically by inviting friends, family, co-workers and neighbors via e-mail. It’s SIMPLE! Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit www.heart.org/jump
  2. Choose our city and state, then find our school. Click “Join Our Team” to register.
  3. Then, just follow the steps on the website to send e-mails and take the challenge!
  4. Raise donations online and receive members of the Zoo Crew!

YOUR support can SAVE lives <3

Family Activity Calendars

Family Silhouette

NEW ON THE BLOG! Under the tab marked “Family Activity Calendars,” you will find calendars that include physical activities that your family can do together every day. These activities involve no equipment and are a good way to practice healthy behaviors together! The calendars are in English and in Spanish. Enjoy being healthy together!


Moving at LCES!


60 minutes

It is recommended that students and adults get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. Lewis and Clark has some excellent opportunities for our students to get moving after school with friends!

Grizzly Running Club: Mondays and Fridays  http://lces.ccps.us/grizzly-running-club/

Jump Rope Club: Tuesdays and Thursdays http://lces.ccps.us/jumpin-grizzlys-club/

Dance Club: Thursdays http://lces.ccps.us/star-performers/